Currently in Chicago — October 5th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Wonderful Wednesday

Takeaways for Chicago's weather:

1. Wonderful Wednesday

2. Some Scattered Showers Thursday

3. Frost Or Freeze Friday Night?

Wednesday will be warm, in the lower 70s, under partly to mostly sunny skies.  There will be more clouds and cooler temperatures on Thursday with a few scattered showers and highs near 70°F. Temperatures tumble late in the day, setting us up for a cool to cold end to the week. There will be a mix of sun and clouds on Friday, but highs are just in the lower 50s. Friday night into Saturday morning, we fall into the 30s, with at least some frost for most areas and a freeze possible well away from the city in spots. There will be plenty of weekend sunshine, with highs warming from the upper 50s Saturday to the lower 60s Sunday.

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What you need to know, currently.

Fueled by climate change — Typhoon Noru became a super typhoon
Nearly a dozen dead, and hundreds of thousands were displaced in recent super typhoon Noru.

“Typhoon Noru made landfall in the northern region of the Philippines and then made its way to Vietnam, last week — causing extreme flooding and killing at least 12, according to local reporting.

Local Filipinos weren’t given much time to prepare. The storm quickly developed into a super typhoon — the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane — with sustaining winds of up to 143 miles per hour, once it hit land.

This is similar to what residents in Florida just experienced with Hurricane Ian. Rapidly intensifying typhoons and hurricanes are becoming more common because of climate change, according to meteorologists. Warmer waters and excess moisture in the air give even the smallest of storms the boost they need to become devastating.

Local resources quickly become finite in these instances of extreme weather. Nearly tens of thousands of people were stranded in one of the Philippine’s many temporary evacuation centers, unable to safely re-enter their homes and communities, thanks to Noru.”

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What you can do, currently.

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