Currently in Chicago— March 29th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Warmer by Wednesday but gusty thunderstorms possible.

Takeaways for Chicago's weather:

  1. Strong Storms Possible Wednesday
  2. More Spring Snow In The Forecast
  3. Cool & Mainly Dry Weekend

More clouds than sun on Tuesday, with light rain possible in the afternoon as highs reach into the middle 40s.  Warmer, windy, and wet on Wednesday as highs soar into the middle 60s.  A few strong thunderstorms are possible too.  Turning colder on Thursday with light rain or even snow showers.  Some light accumulation on grassy surfaces can’t be ruled out, but it should quickly melt.  A chance for some rain late Saturday, but most of the weekend will be dry with highs in the lower 50s but cooler lakeside.

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Tim McGill

What you need to know, currently.

Tornadoes are some of the weirdest extreme weather events. The light becomes strange, you hear a roar, and then the sky—suddenly murderous—reaches down to crush everything beneath it. The United States is a tornado country, with no close competitors. We average about 1,200 a year—higher than the yearly average for all of Europe and Canada combined.

“Tornado Alley” is generally regarded as the area stretching from central Texas up to Canada, but that term can be misleading. The tornados of the midwest tend to cut a more dramatic figure, easier to photograph, with better defined funnels. While the tornadoes of the South tend to be obscured by cloud cover and much more deadly—both because of population density in the South and because tornadoes there are more likely to take place at night.

There is some evidence that climate change is causing tornadoes to shift east. New Orleans and the surrounding area, which is recovering from Hurricane Ida and was hit by an E3 tornado last Tuesday is due for more severe weather later this week.

A low pressure system makes landfall along the California coast and moves to the South on Tuesday and Wednesday. The region could see strong winds, rain and potential tornados.

You can donate to Imagine Waterworks, a NOLA based mutual aid network, here.

Rebecca McCarthy