Currently in Chicago — July 28th, 2022

Partly sunny Thursday with more sun on Friday

The weather, currently.

Takeaways for Chicago's weather:

  1. A Mostly Dry Pattern
  2. Warm Start To August
  3. Keeping It Cooler Lakeside

Just some spotty showers early Thursday then drying out and staying dry for the next several days.  Partly sunny Thursday with more sun on Friday and plenty of sunshine this weekend.  Bit below average Thursday and Friday with highs in the lower 80s then bouncing back to average this weekend with highs in the middle 80s.  Most of the first week of August should see highs in the middle to upper 80s.  Look for cooler temperatures lakeside with a wind off the lake for Friday and this weekend.

Tim McGill

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What you need to know, currently.

We have a new story up today from Anna Abraham on the efforts of the Chilean people to reclaim the country’s water supply from the extractive industries and other private enterprises.

“Climate change plays a significant role in the matter,” writes Abraham. “But so does the country’s free-market water policy, which inadvertently prioritizes the needs of extractive industries over a community’s right to access water.”

“They stole everything from us, they even took away our dignity,” Zoila Quiroz, a local resident from Petorca, Chile told EFE, “There was a time when we had to choose whether to take a shower or wash our clothes. We had no choice but to fight.”

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